Hello everyone, I'm Daniele (invented name), a 39-year-old real estate agent who works in Vicenza.

With the work I do in every day in contact with a multitude of people and most of them are women: so I happen several times to have some fantasies about some of them, how often I take them to see the houses where there we find alone, other times they are to show me their home to have an estimate of the value and I always hope to receive some input from them but unfortunately it does not happen so often.
There is a client, Angela, a Moldovan, whom I have always liked since the first meeting; she is 10 years older than me, she is separated with a daughter (she can be fucked too), she is 1, 55 or so but she has all the things in her place, a nice turned ass and two nice little tits, not huge but of perfect size ... I have always suspected that there was a particular mutual sympathy but I never had the courage to investigate.
One day when the excitement was very high and there was no way to appease it, I remembered Angela, whom I had not heard for at least three months since she had told me she had found a house with another agency; we also had the friendship on facebook and we exchanged like each other on their photos, I knew then that he was still single.
I decided so for a tactic or the và or the splits: I sent her a whatsapp a picture of my cock in the shot with the caption "Here is the picture you asked me last night" and immediately after I wrote a message: "Wow, I'm sorry a sack, I mistaken addressee, please delete ".... after a couple of hours I see the sprouts turn blue and here comes his answer:" do not worry, it can happen "; I reply with "sorry again, what a figure of shit" and she: "do not worry, everything ok.but are you not married?" adding a smile.Io then I answer "yes, but you know, sometimes a little 'escape ", Because she replicates" scary "and adds three smileys.
The thing closes there and I with the pive in the bag I convince myself that I burned, but a week later I get a message from him in which he tells me that in the end the other house has not taken anymore because c 'were problems with the mortgage and so is still looking and saw on my site something that may be of interest: it is a mini-apartment in the center that a client of mine has released from the tenant for very little; we are meeting for the same afternoon at 16 in front of the building.
She is tanned, wearing pretty normal shorts, an elastic tank top under which a beautiful black lace bra is visible; we greet each other with a normal handshake, but we understand that we are both trying to pretend that the picture has never been sent.
I accompany her upstairs and show her the apartment she likes very much, before going out she tells me "Sorry Daniele, I do not want to be rude, but I pee very much, can I take a bath?", I answer "sure, I do not know if it's very clean but go ahead, I'll wait for you in the living room ".
She goes to the bathroom and opens the door without closing it completely, I hear the sound of the pee coming down from the toilet and my cock instantly becomes marble; then I hear that he pulls the toilet and immediately after leaving the bathroom without pants and panties leaving me speechless and unable to smash the word.
"Since I saw how you did, I find it is right you see how I am made"
I approach her, I kneel and begin to lick her pussy without saying a word, she arches the body backwards, then I take it and the adage on the sofa and continue with my work: she keeps me squashed my head on the cunt and begins to moan alternating sentences in Italian and in his language. "Do not imagine how many times I masturbated looking at your picture, today I want you to put it everywhere" .I confess then that it was not a mistake to send the picture but it was all programmed and she tells me that she had understood right away, but he was not 100% sure and that's why he had not even sent me intimate photos, but had first wanted to see how I reacted in his presence.
From the hall we moved to the room (fortunately the apartment was furnished and this allowed us to do everything with the maximum comfort), we undressed completely and started with very sweet preliminaries ... I realized that she liked to be kissed on the buttocks, on the back and on the neck behind the ears, he trembled at every kiss, then I passed to lick her splendid tits and then go down to return to his wonderful pussy; I penetrated her front and back first with her tongue then with her cock, she was not very tight but I felt everything very well.
After more than an hour I could not take it anymore, she told me that I could come in because she took the pill, so I let myself go and, caught by a tremendous tremor, I dumped everything inside her.
I was satisfied, but she told me that she wanted to enjoy again, so she took advantage of the bathroom to rinse off and asked me to let her enjoy it: I committed myself to 110% of my skills, licking and kissing her pussy in every possible way, until she, without warning, came with an incredible squirt (so much so that I immediately thought she had pissed in my mouth) .... I discovered that my friend was squirming.
This thing made me come back hard at the moment, he told me that after coming to her pussy she wanted me to come up to her ass too ..... I think you satisfied her?Click Here

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